Moonlite No-Tap

A Rancho Bowl Tradition

The Moonlite No-Tap Doubles Tournament is a Rancho Bowl tradition that dates back nearly forty years. It begins with bowlers sitting down to a delicious Santa Maria Style BBQ dinner with all the fixings. Once the bowlers have had their fill of delicious food and good conversation, they take to the lanes under disco lights with great music for a three game No-Tap 9 pin handicap tournament. 

man bowling

No-Tap means that bowlers will be awarded a strike when they knock down 9 pins on their first ball, so you can expect to see some high scores. The playing field is leveled by a handicap scoring system, so entry level bowlers have a chance competing against the seasoned experts. New bowlers without a book average can establish a handicap by requesting printouts of nine games here at Rancho Bowl.

All throughout the tournament random bowlers will be selected for gifts and prizes. Scores will be posted a few days later and cash prizes will be awarded to the top bowlers. Once you have experienced the Moonlite No-Tap Doubles Tournament, you will see why it has become such a long standing tradition here at Rancho Bowl.